Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to the Ranch Links


We spent Friday and Saturday at the Huntington's 2-day Back to the Ranch event. It was wonderful. The first day consisted of academic presentations, the second was more hands on. Speakers the second day were people from our own neighborhood - Tara Kola (hilarious) and Eric Knutzen and Kelli Coyne (double hilarious) and my favorite - Darren Butler - hilarious and very very thought-provoking. "We are all soil - in human format". My inner Keanu Reeves kept repeating, "Whoa, man!"

As there is too much to document, I'll included a photo of Friday's lunch, and links I gathered from the different speakers.

The lunch was from Little Flower Candy Company and included black-eyed peas, brown rice with orange sauce, a chiffonade of toasted nori, sesame seeds, grated carrots, steamed green beans, red pepper slices, cooked or marinated mushrooms, microgreens and crackers. At first, eating the unseasoned black-eyed peas, I thought the meal was very bland, but was I continued the tastes of the individual items emerged and then blended. It was all very fresh and refreshing. Delicious.

Rose Hayden-Smith
Grant High School sells salsa that they make themselves from vegetables they grow in their school garden

US Youth unfit to serve in military due to obesity

Women and food riots hasten the end of the Civil War

Victory Gardens - A boon in hard times, Rose Hayden-Smith

Harriet Johns, 11-year-old gardener during WWII

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