Monday, May 30, 2011

Fava Harvest

I harvested our fava beans yesterday to make way for squash. I'm trying zephr squash, which is like a zucchini but yellow with a green bottom. It looks dipped in green, like an Easter egg. The other is from seeds that Erik Knutzen of Root Simple gave us - Lunga di Napoli, aka squash baby. If I'm successful I might try to find foster homes for any extra babies.

I'm also growing trombetta again this year, but against the barn as it needs to climb. Again, like zucchini but a more delicate flavor and very pale and pretty on the plate.

So, back to the fava beans. I cut them at the ground, leaving the roots in tact. I pulled off the bean pods, later shelled them, then boiled them, then squeezed them out of their leathery wrappings. What I considered a bumper crop equaled about 2 cups. They do taste good though so I will be doing these again.

The labor involved took me back to my childhood. Mothers, grandmothers and aunts sitting at oilcloth covered tables in the dappled sunlight, gossiping and preparing food. It would be much nicer to do these chores with other farm guys and gals. All in good time.

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