Monday, May 9, 2011

Bee hives in place

Our new bee hives are in place - waiting for bees. Yesterday, while it was still cool, we hiked to the top of our hill and placed 4 redwood 4x4s. The purpose is to hide the hives from the neighbors on the opposite hill, and to encourage the bees to fly up, rather than out. We'll train grapes and other vines over the structure - to keep the hives cooler in the baking summer.

I'm planting buckwheat, sunflowers, and comfrey all around the beehive - a sort of 7/11 for bees too tired or lazy to forage far from home.


  1. Hi Teresa, it was a lot of fun meeting you and Ken at the cut out yesterday. I hope everything went well on the drive home and getting the hive up the hill.

    Good luck,

  2. Yes, it went very fast. We're building a spacer so we can add a food bag. They're bearding on the front of the hive, but other than that they seem fine. Ken worked with the stand a little today and they were completely docile.

    Thank you so much for helping.

    I checked up on your blog - would love to see your place.

  3. You're welcome anytime. I'm also hoping to trade some eggs for bread.

  4. Bring eggs to the meeting tomorrow. I have bread for you.