Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catio = Cat + Patio

Since we have coyotes that visit our yard our three cats stay indoors. So this summer I wanted to build them a cat cage so they could hang out outside with us. We bought a roll of fencing for about $37 at Home Depot and I found this bookshelf on the street. I basically wrapped it with the wire and fastened it with galvanized poultry net staples (3/4"). The only tools were wire cutters and a hammer. The shelves are made of three slats. I popped out the middle slat, allowing the cats to go between tiers. Old cutting boards and towels create platforms for them to chill on.

The door is lazy-ass genius at its best. Look at these cool hinges. I just cut the door one cell bigger than the opening all the way round, then bent the top row of protruding wires to make hinges and then fasten it shut with refer chip clips. Today I'm splurging on those snappy little office supply fasteners - they'll be more secure. Don't worry. I wired the back of the cage to the post on the retaining wall so it won't fall over.

We have three cats and one is big and grumpy. I'll put him in the bottom, replace the missing slat above him, and he'll have his own compartment away from the other two trouble makers.

I've seen similar bookshelves at Home Depot for around $20. I might buy another one and put the two together. Yay, kitties!

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