Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Saga Continues

My bread has improved but I'm having problems with burning on the bottom (of the bread). See the photo below.

The bread on the left is today's effort, on the right, a bread I baked on Wednesday.

Here are the changes I made with today's bread.

1. started with a cold pan and a cold oven.
2. raised the dutch oven to a higher shelf in the oven.
3. put the dutch oven on an insulated cookie sheet.
4. lowered the oven temperature from 500 to 450 after 15 minutes
5. baked covered for 27 minutes
6. baked the bread with the lid off for 26 minutes

There was less oven rise, but that could be because I fell asleep yesterday forgetting to put the bread in the fridge. Instead of 3 hours rise time, the bread rose about 8 hours.

The flavor is not as rich and nutty. I'm not sure why.

As bad as the burn is on this bread, it tastes great - even the burned part.

PS If you're wondering about the flour pattern on the bread, it comes from the cheap plastic colanders I bought at the 99c store to proof my bread.

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  1. Wow--beautiful! Amazing what a 99cent colander can do!