Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kill your cable

We dumped our cable last year and have barely missed it, though do enjoy the money we've saved from the switch. We have Netflix and Roku, so are still able to watch episodes, movies and the greatest docus.

Here's something I read yesterday - another great argument from cutting the cord:

"...a recently published study in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that the amount of commercial television (e.g. television with advertisements) that children watch before the age of 6 is associated with increased body weight 5 years down the road, even after adjustment for other important variables including physical activity, socio-economic status and mother’s BMI. In contrast, watching non-commercial television (DVD’s or TV programs without commercials) showed no association with body weight."

Scientific American, Can sitting too much kill you?, By Travis Saunders

1 comment:

  1. Interesting finding. I wonder if that conclusion could be leveraged to promote POSITIVE subliminal inserts into commercial TV.